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Case study: Fylgja art direction and concept design

The concept for the Shaman lady and the archeological artifacts that she is wearing.

Fylgja is an educational adventure game that takes place in prehistoric times. The scenery and the clothing all had to be credible as a part of a prehistoric environment. The preproduction included everything from regular concept sketches to visits to archeological museums.

I got a lot of help from archeologist Bengt Nordqvist at RAA. And after a lot of sketching, hundreds of photographs of archeological artifacts in museums and looking through piles of books I could make som sketches and decide on clothing and looks for the characters, how the houses would look etc.

We call him Little John. He is a teenage bully. This is the concept sketch.
Concept sketch: Little Tyra in her iron age outfit.

For the graphical profile I borrowed a lot from the Arts and Crafts artists. The organic looks of the tapestries of William Morris was the inspiration for the logo and the colors used in game and in the GUI. We wanted to have that fairytale feeling around the game, especially since the iron age has lent so much to stories and adventures that are being told in our times with a heritage in the islandic sagas and Beowulf. Lord of the Rings is one such example.

Wonderful and colourful design by William Morris
The wallpaper of Fylgja. I still hope to make it in to a actual wallpaper some day
The final logo of Fylgja
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